This is the dashboard which gives you an overview of your funds on the app, and your positions.


Token Balances

Here you will see all your tokens that have vaults on Contrax. If you followed the transfer guides, you will just see ETH here with your ETH balance.

You can transfer your balances to another platform by clicking the balance and providing the withdrawal address.

Joined Vaults

You can see the vaults you are in. For each vault, you will see your staked position in its USD value and the current APY. Soon, we will add the ability to see exactly what you earned in each vault by its current USD value. To get more details about your positions, see the actual vaults on the Earn page.

Export your Private Key

For social logins, we give you the option to take your wallet off the Contrax app if you like. There is a key icon in the top right corner. Click it and follow the prompt to reveal your private key. Be warned: This is for advanced users who know what they are doing. Do not expose your private key if you do not know what to do with it. Never share your private key with anyone under any circumstance.