1. Getting Started
  2. What is Contrax?

Contrax Summary

Contrax is a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) web application that allows users to farm real yield assets, and have them compound automatically. Users can also create tokens and pools in just a few clicks. Our goal is to lower the barrier of entry to DeFi by ensuring an easy onboarding experience, and only listing farms with rewards from real revenue instead of token inflation.

Contrax is currently Arbitrum exclusive, but will expand to other chains after our beta phase.

Our explain video will be posted here shortly.

Getting Started

The prerequisites to using the Contrax DeFi app. We will walk you through getting Metamask set up, adding the Arbitrum Network, and bridging AETH - Arbitrum Ether.

DeFi Basics

New to DeFi? Learn the essentials here.

Wallet Set-up

How to set up your MetaMask Wallet with Arbitrum

Funding Your Wallet

How to add funds to your wallet

Quick-start Farming

Start farming right now with this step-by-step guide.

DApp Pages

Learn to use the Contrax dApp one page at a time.


A summary of your positions in the auto-compounding farms.


How to join the Contrax auto-compounding farms.


How you can get the tokens needed to enter farms.

Create Tokens

Create your own token on the Arbitrum network.

Create Pools

Create a liquidity pool for your custom tokens.


Frequently asked questions about the dApp.

The Team Behind Contrax

The Contrax Project was launched by Leios, a U.S. company formed in 2018 to provide blockchain products and services based on market needs. The Leios team consists of experienced software engineers and entrepreneurs from various blockchain backgrounds. You can see the team members on our About Us page.