Contrax Summary

Welcome to the simplest way to earn high returns on your crypto! Contrax is a web app that allows you to easily buy, stake, and earn on your crypto in a few clicks. You don’t have to wrestle with figuring out wallets, gas, LP tokens, swapping rewards, or anything complex. Just buy, stake, and earn!

Contrax is fully non-custodial, so you’ll always fully cotrol your funds. We never hold or have any control over them.

This video has all you need to know:

Getting Started

Quick-start Earning

Stake into your first vault quickly.

Account Set-up

How to quickly set up an account or use your own wallet.

Account Funding

How to add ETH or USDC to your account from any exchange.

DApp Pages


A summary of your assets and what you have earned so far.


Easily buy with our crypto purchasing partners.


How to earn an APY on your crypto by using Contrax auto-compounding vaults.


Bridging and swapping for those coming from or going to other chains and tokens.

The Team Behind Contrax

The Contrax Project was launched by Leios, a U.S. start-up formed in 2018 to provide blockchain products and services based on market needs. The Leios team consists of experienced software engineers and entrepreneurs from various blockchain backgrounds. You can see the team members on our About Us page.