Note: If you have crypto on any other exchange, we recommend you transfer it over to save time and fees. Coinbase in particular may let you purchase and transfer USDC over with no fees at all. See our transfer guide on how to do it.


If you don’t have another account to transfer crypto over, Contrax offers several onramps to buy the USDC you need to enter any of the vaults and start earning.

Our onramp partners are: GateFi, Wert, or Transak. The first two are tiered KYC gateways that don’t require ID uploads to purchase for orders under ~$300. Transak is another option, but it requires full KYC for any purchase size at this time

You will also receive 5uponyourfirstpurchaseof5 upon your first purchase of 30 or more from any gateway. Once the purchase is confirmed, you will see it in your dashboard.

How to Buy

  1. Ensure you’ve already signed in/up with the top right button.
  2. By default, you will see the GateFi gateway as the best option to buy. If it doesn’t work for your region or if your payment options are not compatible, try Wert or Transak.
  3. For each gateway, follow the prompts, provide the request information and enter a card that matches your name.
  4. Upon completion, your funds will bridge over to Arbitrum (or for Transak, you’ll already be on Arbitrum).
  5. Your funds and $5 credit will be visible on your dashboard, ready to enter any vault.

Onramps can be unreliable due to some banks not accepting payment from them, or if the ramp does not work for your location or payment method. Please try different payment methods and different onramps if your purchases are not going through.

Auto-Bridging for GateFi and Wert

A note: Because USDC is not offered on Arbitrum for the tiered KYC gateways, we auto-bridge it over for you if you are a social login user. Practically, this means that you will need to wait a few more minutes and pay a fractional percentage more to get your USDC.

For MetaMask and other web3 wallets, you will need to have about 20 cents of MATIC on the Polygon network for these gateways.

How to Sell

When you want to withdraw, you can use the same widget to sell, and follow the prompts. Currently, only Transak has a sell option. Alternatively, you can transfer out any crypto in the dashboard to another exchange account of yours to sell.