Wallet Set-up

To use any vault, all you need is a wallet with Arbitrum USDC or ETH. With Contrax, you can easily set up a wallet with just a social account like Google or Facebook.

Once your wallet is ready, all you have do is make sure you have Arbitrum USDC or ETH (which is just ETH on a more efficient network). You can do this by:

  1. Buying it from our exchange page using our partners.
  2. Transferring it from another site like Coinbase, Binance, Crypto.com, Kraken, or others. We have guides for each one.

The easiest way we recommend is via Coinbase, where take assts from your bank use Coinbase to get them into USDC and transfer them without any fees. Check out this Guide:

And read about it in detail on the Coinbase transfer page.

Select the vault you want to join

Contrax offers single token or dual token vaults with varying APYs. Read our disclaimers page for important disclaimers regarding the vaults and their returns.

Note that, currently, only the ETH vault on the single sided token can be joined right away. All dual tokens can be joined with just ETH. For any other single sided, you will need to swap your ETH for the token you want to vault.

Entering a vault to earn yield

Once you are signed in with your wallet and have USDC or ETH:

  1. Go to the Earn page

  2. Select the vault you want. You can select vaults where your asset is a single or dual token.

  3. Click the vault to open it, then click “Max” (or type your desired deposit amount), and then click “Deposit”.

That’s it! Once you see your confirmation, you now in a vault, earning your yield.

If want a more detailed guide with screenshots, see the Earn page.

You can view your positions in the dashboard, along with the expected yield and your change from when you staked.


When you are ready to withdraw, click just “Withdraw,” enter your amount or click “Max,” and click the withdraw button.

You take your USDC or ETH and enter a new vault, withdraw it from the dashboard, or sell it back into your currency on the “buy” page.