Create your Contrax Wallet

Before transferring, you need a wallet on Contrax to receive your ETH.

Follow the quick guide on creating a Contrax wallet, unless you already have a preferred Web3 wallet extension like MetaMask. If so, you can connect it via “Connect Wallet.” Try “Wallet Connect” if you do not see it.

Choose your platform

If your ETH is on any of these platforms, see the step-by-step on how to move your funds over.




For All other Exchanges

For any other exchange, you can look up how to transfer ETH out of that exchange. The general steps will always be:

  1. Find your ETH on your exchange
  2. Find the option to “withdraw” your ETH.
  3. If you are able to select network, select “Arbitrum.” If not, you can send it via Ethereum mainnet and Contrax can provide you a bridge to move it.
  4. On Contrax, create wallet if you don’t have one (guide here), and copy the address by clicking the address, then “Copy Address.”
  5. Paste the address into the “to” field on your exchange, and send the funds.

You will then see your funds on Contrax. If you could send it on Arbitrum, you are ready to farm.

If you could only send it to mainnet, just bridge them with this guide here.