Bridging lets you move ETH or USDC from mainnet Ethereum or another chain to Arbitrum to use on Contrax. Note that you do not need this guide if you buying ETH from Contrax or transferring from most platforms, since they will give you the option to withdraw to Arbitrum or at least Polygon, which we bridge to Arbitrum for you.

Bridge on Contrax using the Socket WIdget

  1. Sign in or connect your wallet with the sign-in/up button in the top right corner.

  2. Once connected, change your network to the one you are bridging from. Currently, we support Ethereum and Polygon.

  3. Enter your ETH or USDC amount, click “Review quote,” and “confirm bridge.”

  4. If it fails because of gas: ensure you have enough ETH to pay gas. If you did, leave even more ETH as a buffer to ensure there is enough to bridge.

  5. After waiting about five minutes, your ETH should have moved to Arbitrum. You can confirm this by again switching networks in the top right corner to “Arbitrum” and seeing your balance on the dashboard.

How to Bridge from Arbitrum to Another Network

In order to bridge the other way, follow the same steps, but select “Arbitrum” as your “From” network. Ensure the token you are exchanging “From” and “To” are the tokens you intend them to be.

if you just to Arbitrum to start earning, you are now just a few clicks away from earning!